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If you're walking through hell
Sooner or later each person must walk through their own personal hell. Its a different road for each individual, but the path to safety applies to all. - photo by Alyssa White
Everyone will someday walk through their own personal hell. When everything in life conspires against you, please remember:

1. Keep on walking

If youre walking through hell, dont even think about slowing down, settling in, or giving up. Do not get comfortable. You were not designed to be miserable, unhappy, or perpetually disappointed. Dont let those feelings become normal. You deserve to be happy, and dont let anyone convince you otherwise, especially yourself.

Keep on walking despite how tired you are or how steep the road ahead looks. Put one foot in front of the other and keep trekking along. Even if you can only take baby steps, face yourself in the right direction and keep walking. Never stop. You are making progress, and you will make it out.

2. Pull someone with you

If youre walking through hell, youre probably not alone. Most likely there are people you know walking a similar, scary road. Their track may look completely different than yours, filled with different obstacles and dangers, but they are nearby. Look around and youll see. Take them by the hand and walk the path together.

3. Dont show your fear

Put your game face on. Even when all hell breaks loose against you, do not show your fear. Face the journey with your head held high, determination in your eyes, and a smile on your face. You can do this.

4. Shield yourself

Hell is a scary place, but you have protection. Use the tools God has provided you for your journey.

Put on the whole armour of God

Above all, taking the shield of faith, wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked.

And take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God:

Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit Ephesians 6: 11,16-18

God has provided tools to shield you from the fiery darts you encounter daily. Your faith will protect you. Keep reading Gods word and keep praying. This builds an armor of protection around you that cannot be penetrated. You may have to walk through fields of fire, but with Gods protection, they cant harm you. God will shield you if you let him.

5. Recognize the emergency crew

If youre walking through hell, look for the people specifically sent to help you. You may have to walk through your own personal hell, but dont overlook all the people cheering you on and pulling you forward. It may be family members or friends praying for your success, helping with everyday matters, and keeping you company. Doctors and counselors offer professional guidance and help. Religious leaders can provide means of comfort and strength. You have people that want your happiness and health. They really do want to help you.

6. Never look back

Once youve made your way out of hell, never look back. You've probably become accustomed to the sights, sensations, and feelings, but that is not where you belong. Take the lessons you have learned and move forward. Do not live in the past. Theres a reason you went through hell; now its your turn to reach back and help someone else make that all too familiar journey.
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