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I thought I saw a snake
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Tweety bird was alarmed every time she saw Sylvester the cat around her cage and said those famous words, "I tot I saw a puttycat." Well the other day as I was taking a 5 mile walk down the road and I suddenly noticed something just off of the pavement that looked like a snake. The color was right and the shape was curved just like a snake crawling across the ground. My first response was to jump away from this sight to get to a place where I could check it out. At a closer look I soon realized that it was just a stick. If I had it to do over again I would do the same thing because sometimes it has been and will be the real thing.

There is just something about snakes that causes most people to be cautious; many will bite you and some are poisonous. This reminded me of something else or should I say someone else to be cautious about. The devil is out to, as the scripture alludes, kill you, steal from you and destroy you. Jesus told Peter that Satan was wanting to sift him as one does wheat and the Bible says that he is like a roaring lion seeking to devour us. It tells us that the devil is a liar, deceiver, tempter and a false accuser. As Christians, we do not have to fear him but we better respect the fact of what he is capable of doing if we take our eyes off of Christ. If we listen to him we can end up being in a position we never intended to get to. The good news is that we can recognize his tactics and trust Christ to keep us on the right path of victory.

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