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I know the one who holds tomorrow
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For a few days this past week I was reminded of how uncertain the weather can be. The forecasters gave us, here in our area, the possibility of snow and ice, which never materialized.
School children, and I’m pretty certain several school staff members, were hoping they could sleep in at least one of those days, but school went on as usual.
The only thing to do was to get up the next morning and see what actually materialized and turn on the news to hear what the final decision would be.
There are a lot of uncertainties in life – relationships are a good example. We think our marriages will last, and they can, but there have been many who have been disappointed.
We want to be able to say that we will always have job opportunities, but for many the reality is that they are collecting unemployment benefits and searching for their next opportunity.
We even take our liberties and freedom for granted because there are no guaranties for tomorrow.
There is an old saying: “The only thing certain is death and taxes.” But I contend this is not true.
I know for certain that I can say my sins are forgiven. And I know, if I die today, where I will end up. I know that God is faithful to his word every time. I know that he loves me and will not do anything to mess up this relationship that we have together (I am the only one capable of that).
I am certain that all of this is not only available to me but to everyone who will call out to him with a sincere faith.
I don’t know what tomorrow holds, but I do know who holds tomorrow.

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