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How to find answers to life's greatest questions
In seeking knowledge and the answers to your questions, follow these seven steps and you will be well on your way to uncovering the secrets of the universe. - photo by Callie Hansen
No matter how much schooling we have, not all of our questions will receive answers. There are some questions we just dont know the answer to, and others may take many years to be answered. There is, however, a way to find the answers to lifes greatest questions. The simple method is to ask. In seeking knowledge and the answers to your questions, follow these seven steps and you will be well on your way to uncovering the secrets of the universe.

1. Sincere desire

The reason we ask a question in the first place is to know the answer. If you dont care about the answer, then theres no purpose in seeking it out. Having a sincere desire to find the answer will lead you down a path youve never been before. You will most likely find answers to other questions you have along the way.

2. Humility

In order to receive an answer, you must have humility. To be humble isnt doesn't mean bowing down to someone for an answer its about having respect for someone above you. Being kind and respectful in your search will make you that much more able to receive the answer.

3. Prayer

Praying is a more direct way to have your questions answered. Prayer allows you to communicate with an omnipotent and omniscient God. What better way to answer your question than to ask God, who is all-knowing? He hears and answers your prayers when the time is right. Through prayer you can come to know and understand all of lifes mysteries.

4. Trust

Trust that there is an answer out there. It may take time, but trust in your ability to find the answers you seek. The questions you have may require you to put your trust in other people to help you. Trust them and lean on them for advice in your journey for an answer to your question.

5. Faith

Have faith in God and his timing. Not all answers come right after a question is asked. Some things take time. You may not be ready for the answer to your question and until you are, you must have faith that one day your question will be answered.

6. Diligence

Be diligent in searching for the answer. Finding answers to lifes questions requires actively seeking them out. You cant sit around and wait for the answer to come to you, because it wont. Not everything is handed to you on a silver platter. Busy yourself with things that will lead you to an answer. Put yourself in places where you can think, like taking a walk around the block or spending time in nature. Ask your question to those around you; Your parents might know the answers to your questions because, once a upon a time, they had the same questions, too.

7. Obedience

The answer you are looking for may not be the one you receive. However, you will know the answer youve been given is the true and correct one because you will feel in your heart that this is the answer youve been looking for. Be strong and listen to that confirmation and dont disregard it. Stay true to the answer and you will feel whole in knowing that it right, even if its not what you thought it would be.

The answers to lifes questions come in many forms. They arent always what we would think them to be, but thats what makes answering questions and solving mysteries so satisfying. Once you know the true answer, it all makes sense. One day, another question will come along and youll go through the process all over again. Seeking knowledge doesnt stop when we graduate from school we learn every day.
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