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How to begin in five steps
Pastor's corner
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Each new year prompts some to make resolutions. These resolutions are a way of starting something new.
For anyone to reach their goal, they must begin. Without beginning, many good projects are never realized. I believe one reason for the abandonment of a project is not knowing where or how to begin.
God, in His wisdom, gave us a blueprint to follow. Genesis 1:1-5 is widely known as day one of creation’s story. There are five steps from that day that let you take practical steps to a new beginning.
• Step one: name or decide what you will do. Remember, everything has a beginning, so identify what will be done to mark the beginning. God identifies heaven and Earth as the things He will create, thus it is His beginning of the world as we know it.
• Step two: observe what you have to work with. What are your resources? Many projects have very little or nothing to work with. The absence of God left a void and chaotic state of darkness, sin and the problems that are created by sin. The absence of knowledge, answers and an organized plan is like darkness. God did not let it stop what He wanted to do. Do not let your circumstances dictate what you can accomplish. Part of your success is being able to recognize what the problems are.
• Step three: begin to speak or activate your faith. Faith brings what you say to light. Let faith bring your plan into existence. When faith is put into action, it will bring results.
• Step four: evaluate what has happened with respect to all your new efforts. What has been brought into view? What new knowledge do you possess? Separate what is good from what is not good. God chose what was good to be light and accepted light as part of His plan. Darkness was a hindrance to God’s plan. Light gave life and strength to His plan.
• Step five: God gave what was good and what was not good a name or identity. He established what would support and further His purpose and what would oppose His purpose. Be able to identify what is good and what opposes or hinders your plans. Recognize everything in its true identity. This will enable you to make informed and knowledgeable choices or decisions.
When you have put all the steps in place, you will have a framework to build on.
Take one day at a time.

Ayala is pastor of Christ Tabernacle of Faith Church and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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