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His world is beyond politics
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Well, the election is over. Since it has been four days by now, I am certain that all of the political signs have been taken down and the landscape has returned to its natural setting.

No? You don’t think so?

I am writing this column prior to Election Day, so as I write I do not know who has won. By this point, there have been celebrations by some, while others have wept and wondered about the future of our country. Indeed, in every election cycle, there are those who have worried that the world is coming to an end because their candidate lost.

I want you to read this carefully. I believe in the American dream and idea. I vote, and I encourage others to vote. I believe that Christians should vote according to our values and ideals, not merely our pocketbooks. And it think we ought to be involved in the political process in a variety of ways. But I am utterly convinced of this: The future of America — and indeed, the world in which we live — does not depend upon either of the two political parties, or who is in office. The future does not depend upon the laws we pass in Congress or uphold in court.

The future of this land and this world depend completely upon the grace and mercy of the one true God. He is the one who created all that exists, and he is the one who will sustain it until he chooses to culminate what he started. And that is why we must answer to him and seek his will in all that we do.

Please don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that elections do not matter, for they do. We need people with biblical values, who hold to biblical principles, to run for office and serve us, and we all need to be involved in the processes that lead up to elections. That is both a blessing and a responsibility that the Lord has given to us.

But ultimately, no political party or person in office can save us. Only God can meet all of our needs. And the day is coming when we will not have to worry about economies or elections or any other concern that cloud our minds today. The day is coming when God will fulfill his final purposes and bring life as we know it to an end. I trust you are prepared for that day. If not, find a church and pastor tomorrow who can help you be ready for that day.

God is at work in this world. What a privilege it is to know him and serve him.

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