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Help young people keep faith
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pastor corner

The other day, I was reading about how the young people of North Korea are indoctrinated into believing and accepting that Kim Jung Un is their supreme leader, and that if they will put their total trust and allegiance into him, they will be guided into a happy and wonderful future.

They also will be part of a powerful nation, possibly the most powerful in the world. Of course, God is left totally out of the equation since there can be no rival to their supreme leader.

As I thought about this, I understood how horrible a life this would be, with no real freedom in this communist country, and the fear in hearing stories of atrocities. Then my mind went to our own country, the United States of America.

It is true that we are still the greatest country in the world with so much freedom when it comes to our political system, and we need to be thankful. But there is something that concerns me about how our own youth are indoctrinated. In our public schools and colleges we are having our kids taught that God did not create the world or anything in it but that it all started with a big bang.

If they end up believing this, then the next step is that there is no God at all. In most public educational environments the creation story is not even given as an optional theory. What we are producing is a godless society.

What is shocking is the fact that 85 percent or so of college students who go off to a secular college with a faith in Christ leave after four years with no faith at all. Another shocking statistic is that with each generation, fewer and fewer people are professing to have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

What can be done to make sure our kids have a strong foundation in Christ? First, it must start at home. Parents must live the Christian life as an example to their kids and must teach biblical principles. They must do their best to lead their kids to a knowledge of salvation. They need to take advantage of support from a Bible-believing church. They must pray whether to seek out other educational opportunities, finding out what is being taught where their kids go to school.

In my experience, if a child is not going to a private college, then have them stay close to home where they can keep the support of family and church.

There is hope for the future of our young people, but we must constantly lift them up in prayer and change the way we are presently doing things; we must sense the urgency.

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