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Going the right way with Jesus

I am writing this from the beautiful state of Wyoming. The good news is that there is little traffic, but the bad news is that many state and county roads are not well-marked.
The other day, we were going from Cody toward Yellowstone National Park by way of scenic routes through Montana. We went into a gas station and came out thinking we were going the right way. But with no road signs to tell us, we ended up going 50 miles out of the way. It wasn't until we came to a little town and looked at the map that we realized we were going the wrong way — there were no towns before that one, you see.
Once we figured out where we were, we got back on track and ended up at our destination. Part of our problem was some not-so-clear information from a local, as well as us not getting more-detailed maps. And, of course, there was unclear signage.
There is another beautiful place that should be part of everyone's journey — a place most call heaven. There is a God who sits on his throne and desires for everyone to end up there. The sad news is that not all will, mostly because many will go in a wrong direction. Part of the problem is that they receive wrong information on how to get there. Another part of the problem is that some really don't spend a lot of time seeking out the true way, while others aren't able to see clear signage that will lead the way.
The good news is that there is a clear road map found in the Bible, where we are told that becoming a follower of Jesus will result in eternal life. In that same Bible, we are told that if we seek, we will find, so if anyone seeks for the right way, it will be found.
Then, there are plenty of clear signs if one will pay attention. First, there is God's beautiful creation that should lead us to faith in a creator, and there is evidence of changed lives for those who have truly trusted in Jesus.

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