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God rescues those who heed warnings
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In recent days, the Northeast has experienced great devastation as a result of Hurricane Sandy. Many have lost property, and some have lost their lives. We need to pray for these folks and do what we can, as God directs, to assist them in their misery.

One thing has intrigued me, however, and that is the fact that many ignored or did not heed the warnings of the predicted storm. Weather forecasters were saying days before when and where Sandy was projected to hit. They told of the probable wind speed and how high the storm surge would be. Most obeyed the mandatory evacuations and got out of Dodge. Many people didn't seem that concerned, reacted with an attitude of unbelief and either ended up having to be rescued or lost their lives.

This reminds me of what the Bible says about the attitude in Noah's day when he preached that a flood was coming, and that God had provided a safe place within the ark. Almost everyone didn't believe it and ended up losing their lives. Jesus said that there will be another time in history in which, instead of the Earth being destroyed by water, it will destroyed by fire. He was talking about the end of the world. He said that many will have the same attitude they had in Noah's day — that of unbelief.

Instead of the ark, God has provided a way to be saved by making a decision to be a follower of his son, Jesus Christ. We don't know when the end will come, but we do know that our end will come since none of us lives on this Earth forever and we need to be prepared.

The good news is that we have been given a warning, and every person is invited to be rescued.

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