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God remembers you
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Well, tonight is not one of my favorite times of the year.  No, tonight we “spring forward.” That is, we move our clocks ahead one hour so that we can enjoy daylight savings time for the next few months. I have to admit that in enjoy the sun being out later as we move through the summer.  But oh how I hate to lose that hour of sleep tonight.  And as a pastor I know that it will have an impact on church attendance.  No matter how many reminders we get, someone will forget to move their clocks.  Every year someone walks into the back of the church just as we are getting ready to close out our worship service. I always have a good view of their faces as it dawns on them what has happened.  
Do you ever forget something that is important?  I heard a joke recently.  The person said, “You know there are two things that inevitably happen as you get older. The first is that you begin to forget the things. And the second is…hmm…I can’t remember.”  I know, if you are plagued with memory loss you don’t find that funny. Don’t worry about it though. By lunch you won’t remember it.  
The good news for all of us is this. God says to you and to me, “I remember.”  God remembers your name. He remembers your needs. He remembers everything about you. And there is something really important about that word, “remember,” that you need to remember.  In the Bible, when it says, “God remembers,” it means more than simply that it has come to His attention.  It means that He does something for us.
When God “remembered” Noah in the ark, He caused the rain to stop and protected the boat until there was dry land.  When God “remembered” the Israelite people in slavery, He led them out of Egypt.  Whenever God “remembered” anyone in the Bible, He acted on their behalf. And the same continues to be true today.
God remembers you every day.  He knows all that is happening in your life. And He acts to help you along the way.  I want you to be encouraged today by this fact. God remembers you, and because of that you can trust in Him. Will you do it?  

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