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God provides fellowship, bringing people together
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Psalms 133 says, "How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!" He’s talking about a fellowship that happens between individuals with the absence of strife.

The author could have just as easy written, "How good and pleasant it is when family or school mates or fellow workers or church members or neighbors live together in unity."

The reason this doesn’t happen many times in our neighborhoods is that we hardly know our own neighbors.

Something that happened in our cul-de-sac recently is a prime example of what I am referring to. The other night, a tree fell across the street blocking it. Several neighbors had to park on the side of the street and walk around the tree to get home. This happened late at night but the next morning I took my chain saw out and joined another neighbor with his.

As we started working we were soon joined by several other neighbors with their gloves on ready to work. As I looked around at this group of men and the fellowship that was taking place I thought, how sad it is that it takes a problem or sometimes a tragedy to bring people together.

Think about it: Sometimes it takes a death even for family members to stop and spend some time together. I know at some funerals I see people I haven’t seen for years and they may not live that far away.

Sometimes we wonder why God allows some things to happen; maybe it’s because He knows it can result in fellowship and unity.

The more time we spend with others they become like family and forgiveness happens a little more easily and it takes a little more for strife to linger on.

Take time to smell the roses and take time to get to know those of God’s creation that He puts in our paths.

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