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Go for the gold with Jesus Christ
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During the past several days, athletes from around the world have gathered in London for the Olympics. Every athlete’s dream is to win a gold medal for his or her country by placing first in their event.

The sad thing is that many miss it by a fraction of a second, point or inch and have to settle for second place. Due to injury, some never are able to finish the game, event or race. Some have a poor showing due to lack of preparation or ability.

Some go home disappointed, thinking they have let themselves down as well as their countries and families.

There is another opportunity in life for each one of us to go for the gold and actually possess it. It doesn’t depend on physical ability, nationality or age or order to attain it. We don’t even have to earn it, for it is a free gift.

The Bible tells us that, one day, we can be able to be in a place where gold is so plentiful that it will be used as street-paving material. In other words, we will be able to walk on streets of gold in the eternal place God has prepared for those who follow him.

The good news is that all we have to do is to make a sincere decision to follow God’s son Jesus Christ and give our lives to him.

He will forgive us, bring peace into our lives and allow us to live eternally in that place abundant in gold.

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