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Give God the gift of you this holiday
pastor corner

Are you through with your Christmas shopping yet? I thought I would ask this week because by the time you are reading my column next week, it will be too late.  
The stores are filled with people trying to find the perfect gifts for the ones they love. Some know exactly what to get; others struggle with the choices. What do you get for the person who has everything? Or what do you get for someone who has nothing? It can be an exasperating exercise.
I am so glad that God knew exactly what we needed. He gave himself to us. That is the story of Christmas — God became one of us. I know that is a mind-boggling thought. There are many who reject it; it simply does not make sense to them. But it is the clear teaching of the Bible. God looked out on the plight of sinful men and women and chose to send a solution. He came in the form of a baby.
This year, I will buy presents for a variety of people. Most of them are family. For both of my sons and my daughter-in-law, the most expensive presents likely will be gift cards to their favorite stores so that they can find exactly what they want. But I always like to give them something a little more personal. Two of them are Georgia Southern graduates, so perhaps a T-shirt with “Sun Belt Conference Champions” will be appreciated.
For my wife, I know that jewelry always is the right size. But our 35th anniversary is next week. I’ve bought a lot of earrings and necklaces through the years — I’m running out of ideas.  
But for the Lord, I have made this determination. He gave me himself. I am committed this year to give him my all. It’s not much; I wish I could do better. But I want to thank him for his faithfulness. The only way I know how is to commit to follow him wherever he leads.
I pray that you will do the same. God offers us all that special gift of himself. Have you accepted it? I pray that during this season you will do just that.

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