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Focus on God, what he wants you to accomplish
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

We all face challenges in life, but the key to being successful is to stay focused on your God-given purpose, not your problems.

God has devised a plan for each of us to fulfill what he has placed on the inside of us. There will surely be opposition and challenges to hinder this plan, but we can depend on God’s Grace to fulfill our assignment. There are times when we get discouraged and our focus becomes blurred and we lose sight of those things that are necessary for a fruitful life. At this point, we have to remember this is not the time to falter, to lose hope or to admit defeat, but it is a time to stay focused, to stand firm and move forward.

Each one of us is accountable for our part in fulfilling our assignment. When we discover what our assignment is, we must give it our focus in order to complete the task. God graces us with people and other things needed in our path so that we can accomplish our assignment. It is up to us to take advantage of his grace.

Sometimes I reflect back on my grade school years with Mrs. Osgood. I think about how difficult it was for me to stay focused on the assignment given. Admittedly, my grade mirrored my lack of focus.

What keeps us from maintaining our focus on our God given assignment? Too many of us are conformed to this world. We are giving in to the temptation of trying to fit in to the patterns of this world. The word clearly states we are not to be conformed to this world but to be transformed by the renewing of our mind.

This means in order for us to maintain focus we must change our mindsets and zone in on the things God has called us to in this hour. If God has called you to write a book, focus on writing the book. If he has called you to minister to the poor, focus on developing ways to accomplish the goal.

Whatever he called you to do, allow that to consume you, not the distractions, detractors or cares of this life.

If you do not focus on what is set before you, momentum can become compromised. Once momentum is compromised, it is likely that you will become despondent and move to the next task.

Luke 9:51 declares "Now it came to pass when the time had come for him to be received up, that he steadfastly set his face to go to Jerusalem."

When it was time for Jesus to go to Jerusalem he turned his attention, his devotion toward that one thing.

This is not the time to be defeated, but to complete the assignment God gave to you. You will find peace, joy and prosperity in the will of God. Stay focused and allow God to bless your efforts.

Frasier is pastor of New Dimensions Christian Fellowship and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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