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Faith will keep us marching forward
Pastor's corner
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The Israelites were instructed to march once around Jericho for six days and seven times around on the seventh day. Then they were to shout and the city walls would fall. Some of the Israelites probably were questioning God in their minds and, at the same time, becoming tired and weary. I can’t help but think that some may have been a little excited about what the outcome would be. Either way, they obeyed God and shouted out in faith and experienced God’s miraculous intervention as they conquered Jericho. The walls fell as God had promised (Joshua 6:20).  
God has given us Jerichos as well — strongholds that we’ve wanted to conquer. We trust God’s promises but we sometimes get exhausted from the long march. If we want God to give us the city, we must be bound together in Agape love and faith in Christ Jesus, agreeing on what His word has said and acting upon it. As we continue to pray — not only for our city but for our nation — we are to believe that God does have it all under control. He wants us to believe and accept that and to keep praying for our leaders as He instructed us in His word (1 Timothy 2:1-2).
In other words, let us keep marching forward together and, by faith, we will take the city and the nation for the sake of souls being saved.           
Edwards is pastor of the Agape Christian Fellowship Church and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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