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Faith can guide us to inpsire others
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They don’t teach cursive writing any more. That’s what I was told. It has been made obsolete by the computer.
I do remember the trauma that I encountered in learning to write in cursive. You see, we moved from one city to another when I was in third grade. I was in the process of learning cursive at the time. In my new school, it had been taught in second grade. The teacher downgraded any paper where the letters were printed. I didn’t know that until I received a poor grade.
“But I don’t know how to write all of those letters,” I said to her when she explained why I received the low mark. Her name was Grace Puckett, and her first name was certainly appropriate. During the next few weeks, she stayed after school with me and taught me to write in cursive. Intensive, one-on-one lessons. I now know that she received no extra pay for that. Her family may have eaten supper later during that time. But she extended grace to me, helping me to catch up with my classmates.
The last I heard, Mrs. Puckett still was alive. That was a little more than a year ago. I’ve heard nothing about her since then, but I think of her from time to time. She made quite a difference in the life of one little boy. Here I am, 45 years later, and I cannot forget her kindness to me. She did not have to do what she did. She could have instructed me to catch up. She could have called my mom and told her to teach me. But she used her valuable time to help one little boy. And I am forever grateful.
I happen to know that Mrs. Puckett was a Christian lady. She was faithful and active in her church, and her Christian faith was an important aspect of who she was. I wonder if it was her faith that caused her to become a teacher and then go beyond the call. I know there are wonderful teachers who are not believers, but I like to think that her faith made her who she was.
I heard from her son through social media a little more than a year ago. She instructed him to tell me she was proud of me. That was worth more than money to me. She was proud of me! Wow!
I want to make a difference in the lives of those whom I serve. I pray that 30 years from now, some boy or girl will say that Pastor Brad made a difference in their lives. I do not say that for my sake, but I want to be faithful to the one who called me.
I challenge you to do the same. God will use you if you allow him.

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