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Everyone still has lessons to learn
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The other day I took two of my grandsons fishing at our community dock. They have been after me to take them for months and a time finally opened for me to fulfill one of my many duties. I had some frozen shrimp that I had caught with a castnet last fall and we headed to the water.
When we got there the wind was blowing, so we didn’t have much of a problem with the sand gnats. But after an hour had went by, the wind died down and these gnats became more of a problem. We caught a couple of stingrays and had the crabs stealing our bait, but we were fishing.
After a lull in the action, I bent down to get some more shrimp when I noticed that there were only two shrimp left in the bait bag. When I asked what happened to the bait one of my grandkids responded with all seriousness, “I threw them one by one into the water, but that’s OK because we were going to have to leave anyways because of the bugs biting us.”
Part of me wanted to spank him, but I realized that I had not told him to not throw them in, and he is only 5 years old and still has lessons to learn. Also he had a point because the sand gnats were making our outing not so pleasant.
I think our heavenly Father realizes that we are ignorant to some things that we do that seem to be the right thing to do at the time and that we still have lessons to learn. He doesn’t mind us talking to Him explaining our decisions and actions even though at times may seem childish or immature. And most of all He still loves us and teaches us lessons in life that will help us to come to maturity in our faith.
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