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Eternal life awaits everyone
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

This week is one that makes me stop and pause.

First, we have just completed our celebration of Easter. There is nothing more important in all of Christian history than to remember that Jesus died for us, but that he was then raised from the dead so that we might be saved.

But this week is also one where I remember other things.

Wednesday would have been my mom’s birthday. And she passed away three days later. It’s been 13 years now, but there are still those moments I want to pick up the phone just to hear her voice.

For me, those two events are more related than one might think.

My mom was a true follower of Jesus. She served him in so many ways. But her favorite story was to tell everyone that she started teaching 2-year-olds the year I turned 3. That was always followed by a large smile as she glanced my way.

I share this with you for this reason: I am confident – and have a hope that is based on the promises of God – that I will one day see her again.

I do not know what our relationship will be like in heaven. I am inclined to believe that the presence of Jesus will outshine any and all other relationships.

And yet, I am certain that the life we live here is not in vain and is not the end. I am reminded that Paul wrote to the Corinthian Christians, "If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are most miserable of all people."

He was making it clear that our hope for the future is essential to our faith.

This is not a pipedream. God has always kept his word. We can trust him to do it again.

Eternal life is the promise and the possession for every believer. I pray that you have that hope in you.

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