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Easter is over, now what
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There probably are more people in church on Easter than any other time of year and probably more activities going on involving Christian ministries during the season of Lent.
For many, this is the only time they have anything to do with gathering with others folks claiming to be Christians. However, I would rather see them in church for that little time than not at all. But they are missing out on so much.
The scriptures teach us that being a Christian is a life of total commitment. Jesus said if people want to be his follower, they must deny themselves, take up their crosses and follow him.
This means we must deny ourselves of what we want to do and rather be willing to do that which pleases God – even if it means that we have to suffer persecution.
Romans 12 tells us that we should live lives of total sacrifice in response to the mercy that God shows us. Christ gave his life for us, so we ought to be willing to give up the rest of our lives in his service.
It’s hard to use our gifts God has given us to help build his church if we never are around his church. It would be like a person’s leg trying to function while the torso is in another town away. It’s hard to encourage other believers if you never are around them. It’s hard to keep one another accountable if we are not involved in their lives. It’s hard to help build his church if you never are around it.
We all have choices, and God gives us freedom to make them. Now that the Easter season is over, we get to choose what we do with our lives from here on out.
We can fold up our Easter tents and wait for the next one to come around, or we can decide to truly be a genuine follower of Christ.

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