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Easter -- a reminder of priorities
pastor corner

Easter is the most important holy day on the Christian calendar because it marks the greatest event in Christian history; the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Christ died and rose from the dead so that mankind could be saved and themselves have new lives. Yet many show that their commitment level has not changed based on their behavior shown at Easter. They live the same old life from one holy week to the next.

In other words, when holy week begins each year all of a sudden they get spiritual all the way to Easter, but then starting with the next day they revert back to the old life.

Easter then should be a reminder that their priorities are in the wrong place. In other words it shows that Christ is not much of a priority in their lives.

There are many ways that we show that Christ is a priority in our lives. Church attendance will not save you, but it does show that learning more about Jesus is a priority. It also shows that worshipping the Lord is a priority.

Giving is another indicator of our priorities of life. Jesus even said that, "where your treasure is there will your heart be also," meaning that where we spend our money determines what is a priority to us.

How often we read the word and how often we pray shows how much we value a relationship with God as a priority.

The thing that we don’t always realize is that others who are searching for the truth are watching us and if they sense that Christ is not a priority with us then our witness will have little effect. As parents we are always sending messages to our kids, letting them know what is really important to us. Whatever level our commitment to Christ is many times they will follow.

So what shall we do? I think we ought to take advantage of every opportunity that Easter presents us; whether accepting Christ for the first time in our life or participating as a believer in celebrating what God has done for us. For many believers this can be the start of a deeper commitment that will put Christ as a priority all year long.

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