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Dont wait until the storm hits to talk with God
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That was quite the storm we had earlier this week.

Many went without electricity for quite some time. Others had to spend long hours cleaning up around their homes. It seemed to me as if the storm hit us all of a sudden. It was 90-plus degrees after 8 p.m., and there was no breeze at all. The heat was stifling. And then the wind started. It was not gradual; it was all at once. Soon the rain came, but it was the wind that startled me.

I was in my car when it was at its worst. I will say this: That kind of wind while you are driving will do wonders for your prayer life.

That leads me to a question: Why does it take such an event to remind us to pray? I am serious. Far too many times, we do not pray until we are faced with a situation that is beyond our means. Keep this in mind: God wants us to call on him in such times. He wants us to seek his help when we are in need.

But he wants more than that.

Think about it this way. I talk to my dad every day. In the 7 ½ years since my mother passed away, I have failed to speak to him only a handful of days. We talk about the Braves, my garden, our family and a variety of things. Mostly, we just talk about what we have done that day. We talk for one reason: We love each other. We are interested in each other.

How do you think my dad would feel if I neglected to call him for six weeks and then called and asked for a couple thousand dollars? Knowing him, he would probably have a check in the mail the next day if he could. But he would surely wonder why he had not heard from me. And he would be hurt if he thought the only reason I called was to ask for something.

I wonder at times if that is not how we treat our heavenly father. He loves us. He cares for us in more ways that we can number. And he loves simply to talk with us. May I encourage you to speak with him today? If nothing else, talk to him about the weather. Tell him about your family. Tell him that you love him.

Don’t wait for the next storm to come into your life before you talk to him. Speak to him today. Speak to him every day. You’ll be glad you did.

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