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Don't miss out on serving him
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

I don’t like to shop. But I like to get a bargain.

I bought a car earlier this year. It was 2016 model, and because of that I got a great deal on an automobile that had 52 miles on it. It was $10,000 less than the one parked beside it just because of the year model. I couldn’t pass it up, especially considering that the 9-year-old Impala was fading fast.

More recently I was in a sporting goods store and decided to buy a T-shirt for lounging around the house. I have several of that brand name, and they are extremely comfortable. The price was $15. That’s more than I wanted to pay, but I decided to bite the bullet and go ahead.

When I got to the register and prepared to pay the clerk told me my purchase price. The total was $10 less than I had expected. After I left the store I looked at the receipt. The T-shirt was on sale for $5! I was already out of the store, and I had a dinner appointment. I really needed two or three more. But I didn’t have time to go back. Maybe I could get there later.

The problem was that the next time I got to the store the T-shirt rack was empty. They had sold out. I had missed out on a good bargain. I probably wouldn’t find those shirts at that price again.

Missing out on a $5 T-shirt is disappointing. But it’s not life altering. But through the years I have missed on opportunities that were far more important than that. I’ve not apologized to someone when it really was my fault. I’ve failed to stop and assist someone in need. I’ve not done the good thing that I know I should have done in that moment. And the opportunity to do so is gone – forever.

Throughout the Bible we are told to make the most of our opportunities to do the right thing – to do the godly thing. We are reminded over and over that we only have so much time, and we must take advantage of those times when we can serve the Lord by serving others.

A missed opportunity may not feel like a big deal to you. You can help someone else later. But to the person whose life you did not impact, it may be a moment lost forever. God has placed you where you are for a purpose. Don’t miss out on any opportunity to serve him by serving others. You are there for a reason. Obey the Lord while you have the chance.

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