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Congratulations, you've made it
Pastor's corner
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On behalf of the United Ministerial Alliance of Liberty County, I congratulate everyone who is graduating this season. We know it’s not easy to complete such a great task, but through it all you did it.
Today I will concentrate on the high school graduates. Both Liberty County High School and Bradwell Institute just had their commencements this weekend.
Many of the students started in the school system about 12 years ago. There were many things you did not know nor wanted to do. But you hung in there and now you have made it.
It is not just you who have grown and learned. There are many values and principles that we have learned and experienced in these past 12 years. I’m sure there were both good and bad times, but you made it.
Hebrews 11:1 says, “Now, Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”
Your faith that you can make it continued to drive you toward success. We did not see this day 12 years ago, but we knew that we could make it by the grace of God. Without faith you would have quit a long time ago. Someone did not have the personal faith to make it to the day of celebration, today.
Now that you are at the beginning of a new life time, what are you going to do? You see this is just a short break. And, as you will see in life, there are few of them. For the next few days, take a deep breath and celebrate safely and wisely that you made it and prepare for tomorrow when it starts over again.
Those who did not make it this time, pick yourself up off the ground and stand up, don’t quit, and pray, you too can still make it. Be blessed.

Endnote: 1. Holy Bible, Authorized King James Version, Thomas Nelson Inc. @2003
Andrews is President of the United Ministerial Alliance   

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