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Close, but not close enough
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I am a college basketball fan so this time of year known as "March madness" is a favorite time for me.

I have watched or listened to a lot of great exciting games, some of which came down to the last shot to determine the winner.

In one game all that a particular team had to do was to make a foul shot to guarantee themselves a win, but missed it and the other team ended up winning.

In another game all that a team needed to do was to get the ball in bounds for a chance to tie the game but threw the ball away and ended up losing.

What I am trying to say is that there were so many games won or lost based upon a decision made by a coach or a player, or a missed opportunity by a particular team.

The truth is that if there were a second chance given, things could easily turn out differently, or if a coach or player could go back and change just one thing the outcome could be different.

In this tournament, coming up a little short is not close enough; if a team wants to keep playing they must win the game.

The same rule applies to a person’s spiritual life.

We all have but one lifetime to choose what God we will serve.

We only have one lifetime to take advantage of the forgiveness made available to us through Christ’s sacrificial death on the cross. The big difference between the basketball teams and salvation is that the teams have to earn their victories by their performance while salvation comes free to us through Christ’s performance.

Only one team will be the ultimate winner in the basketball tournament based on their play and a little luck while everyone who makes the choice to follow Christ will win in the game of life and will get to spend eternity in this place called heaven.

I hope you have made the right choice.

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