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Christians grow just as all things in nature
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This time of year the grass has been growing, the trees have budded and the shrubs and bushes have flowered. This is all a natural process, and if for some reason it doesn’t occur we know that there is a problem.
The plant or tree is expected to grow or we know it is not healthy. It may need more water or the soil may need the appropriate fertilizer added. There may be some disease that has attacked the plant or some insect that has started eating it.
There is always a reason why a plant or tree does not grow the way nature has intended.
There is a correlation between plants and Christians: It is natural for a Christian to grow and mature in our faith. If we are not growing then there is a problem – there are either things we need to add to our lives or get rid of. There are good habits that we need to develop, and there are bad habits that we need to shun.
Healthy plants are attractive, and we as Christians ought to want those outside the faith to be attracted to what we have to offer.
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