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Christian education at home is important
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In Proverbs 22:6, we are told that we are to train up a child with godly training, and when that child is old, the truth would still be with him.

The hope is that they will not only retain the teaching but also will act on it.

Parents are so busy these days that many fail to take the time to instill spiritual values into their children. On top of that, many Christians are not even consistent with taking their children to church where there is added support.

Why is Christian training so important? I want to give you three reasons why it is essential that your children be raised to hear the truth about God, Jesus, salvation and daily living:

• First, they need to know for their own spiritual welfare. In other words, they need to know how to have their sins forgiven, how they can find peace and how they can inherit eternal life.

• Secondly, our children’s decision to follow Christ will affect others during their lives here on Earth. As Christians, their lives are transformed and will make a difference in changing the lives of those they come in contact with for the better.

• And thirdly, their decision to follow Christ will affect the lives of their children and those in future generations.  

As parents and, yes, even grandparents, we have an awesome responsibility to impart the truth to those God has entrusted us with. The fruit of our labor will impact our generation as well as generations to come.

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