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Changing seasons
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This weekend will bring about a new season which some call fall while others call autumn. As we move away from the summer season we will see a lot of changes beginning to take place.

The temperature will begin to fall so that some will open their windows at night while others will actually turn on some heat. Another change is that the daylight will get shorter and the darkness longer.

The leaves will begin to turn color and will eventually fall from the trees. These changes do not happen over night but are gradual. Also we as individuals take notice of these changes; we make comments to one another concerning such changes.

This time of year reminds me of our spiritual lives.

When we commit our life to Christ, the Bible says that we are changed. Actually it says that we become a new creation.

The forgiveness of our past sins happens immediately and our future destination does as well but there are many changes that happen over time like the changing of the leaves. Some examples of this is our habits, our character and our lifestyle. God wants to lead us on to maturity but it doesn’t happen day one. Other people will notice the change as well that is at work in us. Jesus told us that we are to be the lights to the world.

We need to understand that in order to grow we first have to be born; Jesus said that we must be born again.

In order to change we have to first acknowledge the need for a change. If we will surrender our lives to Christ then He will come into our lives through His Spirit and will initiate the kind of change that those around us will notice.

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