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Book review: 'The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth' picture book captures the beauty of the Earth
"The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth" is a picture book by Chris Burkard and illustrated by David McClellan. - photo by Rachel Chipman
"THE BOY WHO SPOKE TO THE EARTH," by Chris Burkard, illustrations by David McClellan, Dreamling Books, $16.95

When a boy asks the Earth where to find happiness, he is taken to the ocean, the forest, the desert and the mountains in the picture book "The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth." Happiness, though, proves elusive. The lesson the boy learns is that happiness comes from standing still and learning to truly see.

With lyrical prose and eye-catching type, this book teaches a wise and memorable lesson. But while the story is pleasant to read aloud, the illustrations steal the show. David McClellan's illustrations are magnificent, capturing all the wonder and awe of the vistas of the world. The colors are vivid, and each illustration is detailed in a way that inspires contemplation and repeated viewing.

McClellan, who received his bachelor of fine arts in illustration from Brigham Young University and lives in Utah, includes illustration of Arches National Park in the book. Author Chris Burkard is an outdoor photographer based in California. This is their first picture book and was a Kickstarter project.

"The Boy Who Spoke to the Earth" is bound to be a treasured favorite as readers relive the journey and savor the illustrations again and again.
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