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Being thankful for the heat
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If you know me very well at all, you know that I hate cold weather; my wife goes so far as to say I am a baby about it. So you might figure out that I have not been a happy camper this week. One of these past few mornings as I ventured out in the sub freezing air and got into my heated truck I realized how fortunate I was. I also thought about the warm house I had just slept in. There are many in the world who live in places where it gets much colder than here and they don’t have the benefit of turning up a thermostat or even having a car to drive. I imagine many just come to the conclusion that this is the way things are and will never get better so they just bear it. Some I read about actually freeze to death with most of society never taking notice. This particular morning I took a few moments to say a prayer of thanksgiving for the heat that I somehow had the privilege of enjoying.
This line of thinking made me realize that I have a lot more to be thankful for; things that a majority of the world can’t enjoy. I have fresh drinking water as well as enough water to wash dishes and clothes each day, take a shower and even wash my car and water my lawn. I have plenty of clothes to wear; I can even choose the colors and style. I have plenty to eat, and by the way that’s part of my problem; I need to stay away from those “all you can eat” joints. The honest truth is that most of us not only enjoy having our needs met but so many of our wants as well. God is good!
My prayer for all of us is that we not take for granted all the privileges we have and that we remember the source of which they come and get into the practice of saying thank you. I also pray that we not forget those who are less fortunate and do our part to relieve their suffering.
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