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Being able to see as God wants us to
Brad Butler
Pastor Brad Butler

I have been living without the aid of glasses or contact lenses now for about seven years. Laser surgery changed my life; it has been wonderful.

I started wearing glasses in first grade and moved to contacts just prior to eighth grade. I returned to glasses at age 40, when dry eyes made contacts unbearable.

It was funny how we came to realize I needed glasses. In first grade, I sat near the front of the class, and I was doing well. I was very quiet and shy, and did not talk in class. Then, the teacher had me swap seats with a boy who sat in the back. I think she wanted to keep an eye on him.

That move was a bad one for me. I could not read the blackboard, and therefore was not writing down my assignments. I was so shy that I didn’t say anything to the teacher. Soon, my grades went from A’s to less than acceptable.

My parents were exasperated. Finally, I explained that I could not see the board. Before long, I was in an ophthalmologist’s chair and then wearing glasses to school.

I never have enjoyed wearing glasses. They fog up, they break, they get lost. But without them, I was unable to do my work. By the time I was 13, I was swinging at and missing baseballs I could not see — thus, the contact lenses.

The bottom line is, without glasses or contacts or surgery, my eyes did not work as they should. I needed help to be able to see. And I still need help to see spiritually as God wants me to see. I am blind to my own failures and sins until the Holy Spirit convicts me. I don’t see others in need until God awakens my heart.

We all need a little help to see. Can I remind you of three places where your spiritual sight can be improved? You will see better as you are faithful to read the Bible, pray and attend church. All three disciplines are as helpful to your sight as glasses.

Faithfully read the Bible and attend church, and pray every day. As you do all three, you may be surprised at what you see.

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