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Be prepared to be free of pain
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A few weeks back, one of our older gentlemen at the church dropped by the church.
After playing softball after church the previous Sunday and running bases my body ached from head to toe. This gentleman saw me come out of the church and could see that I was moving quite slowly, then went on to say that it doesn’t get any better with age. My response back to him was, “no, actually it does end up getting better.” What I was referring to was the fact that if we are believers, after we die, we will end up with new bodies that are free of pain. 1 Corinthians 15  tells us that we will receive imperishable, and spiritual bodies that have no weakness and Revelation 21 tells us that we will feel no more pain. In the end our new bodies will be beyond any expectations we might have had for our bodies here on earth. A couple of years ago I figured out why God allows us to get old and decrepit; it’s so that we won’t fall in love with this world and want to stay but will look forward to going to that place He has prepared for us. The key question though is, Are you prepared?

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