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Be one of the few who say 'thank you'
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

Last week, many celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday. There was joy, laughter, plenty of food, parades and football. However, many people may not have stopped a take the time to sincerely say, "Thank you."

In the midst of celebrating, we must remember to not only be grateful but to actually say the words, "Thank you."

The Bible records in Luke 17 that there were 10 men with leprosy. One day, this group of outcast encountered Jesus. Because they were considered unclean, they had to shout from a far off, "Jesus, have mercy on us."

From the distance, Jesus heard their plea and directed them to go and show themselves to the priest. For it was only the priest who could declare them fit to return to society.

The Bible states that they were not instantly healed as in many of the other miracles performed by Jesus. Rather, as their journey in obedience, they were healed as they went.

For certain, they all took delight and great pleasure in seeing that they were being healed. In fact, all must have had some degree of gratitude. Yet, only one made the effort to return and say, "Thank you," to Jesus.

Often we hear that the returning leper was the only one who was grateful. I choose to believe that all 10 were grateful. How could they not be? They were going to able to return to family and friends and celebrate their miraculous recovery.

Their issue was not a lack of thankfulness. It was rather a preoccupation of enjoying the benefit of their encounter with the Savior. Like them, many times we become so excited about what we have received that we forget to acknowledge the giver of our blessings and benefits. Let us not become so consumed with enjoying the many blessings and benefits we have that we forget to say, "Thank you," to God.

Additionally, I would ask that you remember to say thanks to other people that God has used to be a blessing in your life. "Thank you" is a powerful phrase that many people rarely truly utter. Remember that when you do say it, say it with sincerity. Your expression should match the level of gratitude that you feel.

So today, I invite you to become part of a minority group. The happy, grateful and gracious people who take the time to say to others and most importantly to God — "Thank you for all you’ve done for me."

Brown is the pastor of Destiny Christian Center and a member of the United Ministerial Alliance.

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