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Are you still around, Lord?
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There is a story in the Old Testament of the Bible where a prophet named Elijah is about ready to leave this world.

Before he left, God called a man named Elisha to replace him. God did extraordinary miracles through Elijah while ministering with Elisha, including the parting of the Jordan River.

One day God sent a horse and chariot of fire down to pick up Elijah while Elisha looked on and, as he was going up into the clouds, he dropped his cloak to the ground.

This is the same cloak he used to strike the water when the Jordan River parted. Elisha comes to this water and before he strikes it with this same cloak asks these paraphrased words, "Are you still around, Lord?"

In other words, "Is the same God who parted these waters for Elijah still able and willing to part them for me?"

By the way God was still around and did part the waters again.

In the days we live in, we may see the hand of God work miracles and answer prayer for other people. Sometimes we just hear of such interventions from our heavenly Father.

Then we have a need arise in our own life or in the lives of our family or friends where we need God to intercede.

We may ask, "Are you still around, Lord?"

In other words, "Is the same God who worked a miracle on behalf of those I know or hear about able and willing to show up on my behalf?"

By the way, God does care and will show up to help you. His answer may not always be what we ask for or what we want to see happen but His answer will be what’s best for us and what is according to His perfect plan.

What we have to do is trust Him.

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