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Acting on our convictions
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

Recently, I spoke on lessons to be learned from the life of Harriet Tubman. She was an American abolitionists, humanitarian and a scout and spy for the U.S. government. She had escaped slavery herself but then went back and helped rescue hundreds of enslaved people.

She didn’t believe it was good enough just to have moral convictions against slavery. Those convictions would mean something only if a person acted on them — which she did.

For us today, it is easy to feel or know something is morally wrong but yet another thing to say or do something about it. Hopefully as Christians, our convictions are based on the word of God, where we are reminded in James 1:22 not to just "listen to the word" but rather "do what it says."

If we believe that things are not right, we should be willing to speak up about them and try to change things. One illustration is this: If you believe abortion is the killing of innocent children, what are you doing about it?

The problem is when people do respond, it is usually from one of two extremes: Either they are very careful who they say anything to, sometimes saying nothing at all; or when they speak up it is out of a hateful attitude.

Ephesians 4:15 instructs us how to respond the right way by "speaking the truth in love." We do need to speak the truth, but it must be out of a heart and attitude of love.

So what convictions do you have, and what are you doing about them? We all can become world changers.

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