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About half of atheist kids find religion later in life, report shows
The Pew Research Center's recent report on the U.S. religious landscape also found that religiously unaffiliated children will eventually find faith. - photo by Herb Scribner
The Pew Research Center released a report earlier this week that looked at the religious landscape of the United States.

Among the findings, Pew reported that almost half of all children who grow up as religiously unaffiliated (thats about one in 10 Americans kids) end up finding religion later in life.

Yes, 1 in 5 people raised in a community of faith now identify as non-religious the primary talking point from yesterdays well-publicized report, The Daily Beast reported. But what most of this weeks flurry of media coverage missed is an even more pronounced trend in the opposite direction: nearly half of everyone raised with no religion is now part of a faith tradition.

This chart shows how children leave and join religious groups. Youll notice that 4.3 percent of the 9.2 percent of American kids who grow up as unaffiliated find a religion.
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