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A new life is awaiting everyone
Pastor's corner
pastor corner

The Easter season is all about recognizing the fact that Jesus Christ came to earth to save sinners, which he did through his death on the cross.

And then on the third day, he was raised from the dead to go and intercede for his followers at the right side of the Father.

To summarize this truth, it is all about Jesus rising to a new life so that we can be raised to a new life. Romans 6:4 tells us that "... just as Christ was raised from the dead through the glory of the Father, we, too, may live a new life."

Jesus made it possible for us to have all of our sins forgiven because he paid the penalty for them by his sacrificial death. We are all born sinners in need of a Savior, which means we all have a past that needs forgiven.

The good news is that we can be changed – we can be transformed by the grace and mercy of God made possible through this sacrificial death of Jesus.

Some don’t ever believe that they can change and become new people. They believe there is no hope for them to leave their old lives behind and start fresh with new ones.

Again, the good news is that the same power that raised Jesus from the grave is the same power that can help us live new lives.

I love the symbolism in baptism, where we see a picture of the death and burial of Christ, as well as our dying to the old life, when a person goes back into the water. We also see a picture of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, as well as the person being baptized rising to a new life, when we come back up out of the water.

It all comes down to our choice of whether we desire a new life or not.

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