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6 quotes from Pope Francis recent interview with a newspaper made by the homeless
Pope Francis just did an interview with a newspaper that's produced by the poor. Here are six of the biggest quotes. - photo by Herb Scribner
Pope Francis just gave a very rare interview to a newspaper that helps fund the homeless.

Late last month, Francis talked about helping the poor to the Dutch newspaper Straatnieuws, which is published by the homeless and acts as a source of income for those homeless people, according to Zenit, a Rome-based news organization.

The article was also published in the International Network of Street Papers, which also includes newspapers that are sold and produced by the homeless, Zenit reported.

Francis has long been a supporter of helping the poor. Back in 2013 during a lunch for the poor in Assisi, Italy, Pope Francis urged leaders of the Catholic Church to help support poor people around the world, BBC reported.

Many of you have been stripped by this savage world," he said at the lunch, according to BBC. [It] does not give employment (and it) does not care if there are children dying of hunger. (The world) does not care if so many families have nothing to eat.

Francis also made headlines in 2014 when he built showers for the homeless in St. Peters square, according to Deseret News National.

Here are six quotes from Francis interview in the newspaper, showing that hes still a big supporter of helping the poor.

Jesus came to the world homeless, and made himself poor. Then, the church wishes to embrace all and to say that it is a right to have a roof over your head. In popular movements they work according to the three Spanish T's: trabajo (work), techo (casa) and tierra (earth). The church teaches that every person has a right to all three.

The church must speak truthfully and also by her witness: the witness of poverty. If a believer speaks about poverty or the homeless and lives like a pharaoh, this is not good.

Once I asked a question to a minister in Argentina, an honest man one who left his post because he could not reconcile himself with various obscure aspects. I asked him, 'When you give assistance in the form of meals, clothing or money to the poor and needy, what percentage of what you send arrives?' And he answered, '35 percent. That means that 65 percent is lost. It is corruption: a cut for me, another cut for you.'"

I would like a world without the poor. We must fight for this.

There is always human greed, the lack of solidarity, the selfishness that creates poverty. Therefore, (it) would seem difficult to me to imagine a world without the poor.

I do not know if we will be able to make a world without poverty, because sin is always there and leads to selfishness. But we must always fight, always ...
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