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5 ways to prepare for Jesus' return
We may not know when Jesus will come again, but we can do our best to be ready. - photo by Tiffany Fletcher
Christians around the world have waited for the glorious return of Jesus Christ for millennia. The Bible says no man knows and not even the angels know the time of Jesus' coming. But when Saint Paul spoke to the Thessalonians, he said children of light will know the season.

"Therefore let us not sleep, as do others; but let us watch and be sober." (1 Thessalonians 5:6)

Although we do not know when Jesus will come again, we do know the world is growing increasingly dark as in the times of Noah and the world is ripening for Gods judgment.

So how can we as children of light prepare for that wonderful day of Jesus' second coming? Here are five ways to spiritually prepare for Jesus' return.

1. Pray

If you want to know what God knows, begin by asking Him.

God knows when His Son will return to the earth, so ask Him if the time is coming soon. If you feel His confirmation, then ask God what He wants you to do to prepare.

He will lead and guide you to a place of safety and peace, even in the middle of chaos. He will give you the protection and strength you need to withstand darkness. He will bring you into His glorious light if you are humble enough to ask Him.

2. Listen

Sometimes, we think we know what God wants for us, but Gods knowledge isnt always obvious.

As Christians, we have the wonderful opportunity to help prepare the world for Jesus' second coming. This requires us to listen to Gods voice so we can know and do Gods will. If we rely on Him, He will lead us to the places we need to be and the safety that is available for His children.

3. Watch

Saint Paul said we need to watch and be ready. We do not watch with fear and trembling, but we watch with joy and gladness.

Jesus' return should be a glorious time for His people and we should look forward to that day with gladness. We are promised that those who watch will know the season.

4. Store

When Jesus spoke of His own return, He used the story of the 10 virgins. Five of the virgins had extra oil and five did not. When the grooms coming was delayed, the five who did not have oil had to make a trip to the market to get more, and while they were gone, the groom came and they missed Him.

The kind of oil we need to store are those things that feed our light within: Bible study, prayer, knowledge of Jesus, church attendance and wholesome music. All of these things add light to our lives and our spirits and will help us prepare for when Jesus returns.

5. Improve

God does not expect us to be perfect, and perfection isnt required of us in order to see Him at His return. What is expected is that each day we are a little better than the day before.

If Jesus came today, He would accept your progress and count you as His, no matter how small your steps forward are. Every step moves us forward, even the baby steps.

We dont have to be perfect; we just have to do our best to make each day count as an improvement. One day at a time is all we ever have to worry about.

Jesus may come "as a thief in the night" to those who are in the dark, but as Saint Paul said, "We are not of the night, nor of the darkness." As children of light, we will watch and be ready for the glorious return of our Lord.
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