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5 shockingly insightful things One Direction has taught us
In case you hadn't already realized how cool they are, here's some proof. - photo by Maureen "Mo" Elinzano
The British boy band One Direction has taken the world by storm since it burst onto the scene in 2010.

The four Brit pop superstars, who released their fifth album, "Made In The A.M." in November, will be taking a hiatus in March 2016 from their nonstop schedule of record-breaking world tours and album making, winning awards and of course, charming millions of girls worldwide.

Liam, Louis, Harry and Niall (and we can't forget Zayn) have not only sung their way into our hearts, but they have also given us great insight and inspiration. They're basically perfect.

Here are five shockingly insightful things we learned from the One Direction lads:

1. We all have normal bodies and we shouldn't body-shame anyone ... ever

After Liam Payne was criticized by the media in 2014 for gaining weight after photographs surfaced of him shirtless, "Big Payno" taught the world and Directioners that body-shaming in any form is not good and that he indeed has a normal body.

He took to his Instagram to post about his normal Body Mass Index (BMI) with this great caption:

"Now just because I'm sick of seeing this everyday so I just want to clear up what the media do to people these days. Is it wrong to be normal? Or do I have to look like an Olympic swimmer just to get your approval into the cool kids or can I accept that the person I truly love thinks I'm the coolest kid in town anyway? Think I'll vote the second one ;) enjoy your day people"

2. Kindness means giving back and making dreams come true

The 1D members have definitely made their dreams come true in the last five years since they were just youngsters on "The X-Factor UK," but the boys know just how truly blessed they are by frequently donating to charities and giving back to their diehard Directioners.

In August 2015, Louis Tomlinson filmed a special video message for 5-year-old Directioner and cutie Georgia Edwards after she was devastated upon hearing about the boys' upcoming hiatus. Her parents, Katie and Gavin, launched a Facebook campaign to get the band to meet Georgia.

Edwards, who is battling Rett Syndrome, was over-the-moon when she watched the message.

3. Always be humble

All five of the lads have achieved loads of success being members of the biggest boy band in the world, but they definitely don't let the immense fame and glamour go to their heads.

In an interview in 2013, Harry Styles said of handling fame, "You just have to enjoy it because eventually theres going to be a day when, you know, nobody wants to speak to you and then you go Hey, Im here!"

4. Always be happy for your loved ones and work hard no matter what

After Zayn left One Direction back in March 2015 (tears), Directioners worldwide took to social media to express their sad feelings at the departure of one-fifth of their beloved boy band.

But more than anyone else, Zayn's departure broke the hearts of the boys of 1D, who were after all, Zayn's bandmates and best friends for the last five years.

Niall Horan, 1D's sole Irishman, tweeted a couple of days after Zayn left while the boys were still on tour in Asia:

"Been a mad few days and your support has been incredible as per usual ! This in turn Spurs us on to make the best music we possibly can"

In October, months after Zayn's departure, Niall said in an interview:

"He made that decision and he's happy now, we're happy, and everything's worked out. It's actually brought the rest of us closer together."

5. Be true to yourself and know your worth

Zayn Malik, even if he's no longer a member of One Direction (again, tears), has always been a man of many inspiring and insightful words.

On loving yourself, he said, "Life is funny. Things change, people change, but you will always be you, so stay true to yourself and never sacrifice who you are for anyone."

On knowing your worth (for the ladies), he said, "Just because your prince hasn't come doesn't mean you're not a princess."

Yes, the beloved boys of One Direction sing about love and having fun, among other topics, but Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn are huge inspirations to both Directioners and non-Directioners alike.
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