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4 ways to mend your broken heart
Find peace through the most painful times. - photo by Chakell Wardleigh
This world is full of many instances that can cause one's heart to completely break. The death of a loved one, a spiraling relationship, a major change in your day-to-day life, or a break-up. Whatever the cause of your heartbreak, it is real and it is truly one of the most painful sensations anyone can ever feel.

There are some instances of heartbreak that do not allow you an easy path to freedom. In fact, your heart can experience a substantial amount of trauma when circumstances shatter it to pieces. It is very difficult to move forward from such crippling experiences, but there are always steps to take when your broken heart is ready to be healed.

1. Time

The grieving process takes time and patience, as does the healing process. Just like visible wounds, your spiritual and emotional wounds will fade into scars when given an ample amount of time to do so. Dont rush yourself, but also, dont reopen wounds that have begun to scar. Practice patience and take care of your mind and body and you will find your pain slowly subsiding away as each day passes.

2. Forgiveness

The act of forgiveness works as a spiritual medicine. It immediately jump-starts your capacity for healing. Holding on to grudges and resenting those who have wronged you continues to open up wounds that are doing their best to heal. With forgiveness comes a softened heart and weight off your shoulders. Choosing to forgive others is what will truly heal your broken heart, and if needs be, learn to forgive yourself for your own mistakes. Your burden will be made light.

3. Service

While experiencing your own heartbreak, it is easy to forget about everyone else who is experiencing pain and loss as well. There are so many others who constantly struggle. We dont always know or fully understand what our peers or loved ones or even strangers are facing in their everyday lives. What we can do for others is acknowledge their grief or pain and offer our kindness. Losing yourself in serving others is one of the most powerful ways to heal your own grief. Be aware that you are not the only one suffering in the world.

4. Control

We all have a natural tendency to rely on other people to control our happiness, when in reality, your happiness and your actions are the only two things you truly have the power to control. Find what makes you happy and pursue it. Be aware of the many opportunities, beautiful people and wonderful aspects you have been blessed with in your life. Find something in your life every single day that you are grateful for. It is often the smallest moments of kindness and love that have the greatest impact on our lives.

Through many different circumstances and choices, every broken heart will and can be healed. Though some pains will never fully go away in your heart, it is possible to grow and move forward from turbulent times. Through service, acceptance and forgiveness, you will find true peace.
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