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3 ways God restores our inner peace
: When life becomes a state of uncertainties, God will lead the way. - photo by Mayra Coln
Maintaining inner peace is a challenge. Every day we strive to balance family, work and our well-being, all while trying to keep a positive and peaceful attitude. Things seem to be going exactly how we planned, but then life throws us a curveball. Unexpected or unresolved issues surface and create uncertainty and doubt. Unfortunately, we allow the circumstances to rob us from our peace this very thing happened to me.

When my father passed away 28 years ago, I understood and accepted why God called him back home. Daddy was suffering, and not only from his illness. However, I always felt unsettled because I never had a chance tell him goodbye. A few years ago, I discovered more details about his passing. My heart was left empty. There were many questions I couldn't answer. The desperation of not knowing or not being able to do anything for him consumed my thoughts and erased any sort of peace I had.

Then one day, on the verge of an emotional breakdown, I turned to God and asked for his guidance and love. I asked him to wrap me with his peace. Something in my heart told me I cannot change what happened...But I can control how I handle my emotions. Though the pain of losing my father will never go away, I am able to cope with the information I received. Through prayer, courage and understanding, God restored my inner peace.

Here are three ways God restores our peace:

1. Prayer

Praying is a powerful tool that's always within our reach. It doesn't matter where or how we pray; what matters is the faith and trust we have in God. Anytime we feel defeated, we can turn to him for his peace. God wants us to call on him. With God on our side, with God covering us with his peace, there is no way we can lose.

2. Understanding

When our minds are preoccupied, we tend to not think clearly. We become overwhelmed. But what if for a moment, we set our worries aside and ask God to help us understand why were experiencing such hardships. In the King James Bible, we read from the Philippians 4:7 And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.

The second we are willing to listen and open our hearts to Gods message, the sooner we will understand.

3. Courage

Troubles are no walk in the park. Sometimes we hopelessness and despair flood our lives. We allow our obstacles to steal our peace, but its unfair to us and those around us. God needs us to stand strong against all odds. Through his strength, he grants us the courage to confront what we think we cannot handle. With Gods courage, we will be amazed at how strong we actually are.

Our struggles can easily overshadow our sense of tranquility. However, God has an abundance of peace to offer us. All we need to do is ask. He will fill our minds and hearts with inner peace. Believe in God and trust all things will only get better.
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