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Corporate wellness in the Coastal Empire
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The emphasis on wellness programs in the workplace hasn’t risen to the standard that it should be at with the current levels of obesity.

Data from Duke University shows that overweight and obese workers are more apt to compensation claims and sick days, resulting in lower productivity and discrimination. Modern American companies can’t afford these circumstances as outsourcing continues to rise and profits continue to drastically shrink in relation to the rising health care costs attributed to a very unhealthy workforce.

Shareholders and CEO’s or corporate leadership for major companies, and local, government contracted employees, and their respective policing groups should try to understand their role better. In the twenty-first century, there is an age of consolidation and outsourcing.

If the leadership is constantly on a dollar hunt, when do the employees get time to take care of themselves after giving their best to their employers?

Google, Sprint, Microsoft and Verizon are positive leaders in the realm of wellness. Their companies are making wide slashes in the coliseum of profits.

They are not wasting a dime on pushing their employees overboard trying to pump the bottom line up for shareholders like some companies trying to make the dollar more powerful.

There are a lot of dying companies out there that folks have been losing their retirements on for a while. And they work them to death on the way to a bankrupt retirement. The bottom line is CEO’s and shareholders have to understand that they must nurture their people not only with great salaries, but if they are truly great, why not have a great wellness plan to keep their people healthy?

America’s workforce has always been a shining pinnacle of productivity and superior products. What happens if all that dies out due to the mere health of the people that run the engines below us?

Right now, the coastal empire has no clue about corporate wellness because they haven’t been told anything and there are virtually no resources.

Most, if not all, are utilizing a hospital’s staff and resources to contract out some type of on site filler service that just scrapes the surface of a real wellness program.

I think everyone will agree, hospitals are pretty much busy all the time, or going through cutbacks. Either way, they shouldn’t be inside private or public businesses anyhow, it's way too monopolistic looking.

If there is anything a wise CEO can do right away, it would be not to look at the budget, but to look at the data provided by well organized research on properly orchestrated wellness programs.

Success will be seemingly slow at first, but in the long run, which businesses are supposedly built on, the results are vividly illustrated.

Until shareholders and CEO’s are properly educated and instructed on the proper methods of exercise and nutrition for the human body, how can they appreciate the value of it? If it’s hard to take my word for it, take Google’s, Sprint’s and Coors’. They Save.


Derek Frazier is a fitness professional from the coastal empire and runs a personal fitness training studio, fitness bootcamp, and corporate wellness program in Richmond Hill, GA. He can be reached at 271-9680 and go to for more information on the topic.

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