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Teachers say RHPS Dines Fine
Richmond Hill Primary School’s lunch ladies gather together for a pose during Cafeteria Appreciation Week, held Oct. 8-12. Two teachers, Colleen Cassiday and Mary Pearl, wrote the below story and poem to accompany the picture. The lunch ladies are Verdia Mae Moore, Sharon Locke, Helene Allen, Susan Krodac and Maggie Allen.

It must have been 8 o’clock in the morning and the smell of sweet, warm baking was everywhere.

As if driven by some uncontrollable impulse, I found myself in the school cafeteria walking towards the kitchen area as the delicious scent became more and more present.

It was like that smell or thought that takes you, almost against your will, to do something that was not in your plans for the day.

I was like a dog following a trail after its food. "What are they making? Can I have some of that now!" I wondered. Gloriously warm, sweet, soft, moist cinnamon rolls were coming out of the oven. "Are these for breakfast?" I innocently asked. No. They were for lunch! I stood by the kitchen for a few more minutes just taking it in, the wonderful scent, imagining the flavor.

But alas, it was not my lunch time at that moment so I finally turned around and slowly began my way out of the place only to find out that by now, the scent had permeated our whole school and, throughout the morning, we all had to wait our turn for the cinnamon rolls.

This was one of my first encounters with six wonderful ladies who make our days at school so comfortable, enjoyable and fun!

Because food has always brought people together to share, laugh and enjoy, we at Richmond Hill Primary would like to honor, on this National Appreciation Week, the six ladies who make our hearts warm, our faces smile and our mouths water.

Julie Spry, our cafeteria manager, Verdia Mae Moore whose been with the school since its opening in the early 90’s, Sharon Locke, Helene Allen, Susan Kodac, and Maggie Allen are the six women who, with their wonderful and generous cooking, big smiles, and a will to go the extra mile, are here everyday to please, help, and make a child or adult just a little happier on any given day!

Together they have worked for over 25 years at Richmond Hill Primary and all of them say they love to cook and prepare food for us.

We are so thankful for all their wonderful food, but especially for those smiles and welcoming phrases that make us feel comfortable and at HOME. Thank you, Richmond Hill Primary Cafeteria staff!


National School Lunch Week has come to our school,

We think our lunchroom ladies are very cool!

These special ladies make our breakfast and lunch,

We want to thank them very much!

"Hip, Hip, Hooray!!" We want everyone to know,

That our sincere thanks just overflows!!


- by Colleen Cassiday and Mary Pearl

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