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Chief pilot talks to RH Lions Club
Scott -1
Scott Yackel, chief pilot for Chatham County Aviation, speaks to the Richmond Hill Lions Club on Aug. 23. - photo by Photo provided.

Scott Yackel, chief pilot of Chatham County Aviation, addressed the Richmond Hill Lions Club on Aug. 23.

Yackel presented slides and several short videos that showed some of the programs and missions of Chatham Aviation.

Yackel explained that chemicals used in spraying for mosquitoes are environmentally safe and will not harm birds, fish, butterflies, waterways, etc., and become neutral after four hours. Dusk and dawn are when mosquitoes are most active, and spraying missions usually occur at dusk. CCA also was instrumental in cooling down the silos at the Imperial Sugar refinery after they exploded in 2008.

CCA also assists with search-and-rescue missions and project lifesaver missions. When called for a water search-and-rescue mission, Georgia Swift Water Rescue Swimmers jump from the aircraft to save people in the water. This event could be caused by a commercial or private overturned vessel.

When called out on a project lifesaver mission, CCA has all the equipment on board necessary to locate anyone day or night, whether it’s a lost child, a patient with Alzheimer’s or a criminal. Also, the towers in Chatham now have reflective tape to prevent aircraft accidents.

Maintenance is performed on the aircraft by three airframe and powerplant, or “A&P,” mechanics, who keep the aircraft in tip-top condition. The two pilots and mechanics undergo many hours of training to ensure they are ready for their missions.

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