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Armstrong police collect 500 lbs of prescription drugs

Over the past four months, the Armstrong Police Department at Armstrong Atlantic State University collected nearly 500 pounds of unused prescription drugs.

"With the help of the Chatham-Savannah Counter Narcotics Team (CNT), the drugs were transported to Florida to be incinerated," a university spokesperson says. "The program, started by CNT, was spurred on by the need to keep prescription drugs out of the water supply."

“Most people just flush the drugs down their toilets,” said Autumn Rahn, the coordinator of Armstrong’s prescription drug drop-off program. “This method leads to the drugs infiltrating the water supply, which is highly unhealthy. Instead, the drugs need to be destroyed completely.”

The Armstrong Police Department has "the only 24-hour prescription drug drop-off box in Chatham County, so the amount collected can be substantial. People can anonymously drop medication off at any time, but the pickup by CNT only occurs when a large volume is accumulated," the university says.

Rahn explains that people with severe illnesses often require multiple medications, and when those individuals die, their relatives can be left with massive amounts of prescription drugs. Armstrong’s take-back system helps them rid their homes of dangerous drugs and, possibly, ease their grief.

“It touches everyone whether they realize it or not,” she said.

Armstrong’s prescription drug drop-off box is open to the public and is always confidential.

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