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This is what happens to your body when you quit sugar
You'll think twice about eating sugar after learning how your body functions without it. - photo by Fernanda Gonzalez Casafs
Refined sugar is a component used in large quantities of food and is one of the most consumed substances in the world. Much can be said about sugar's negative effects on the body, but refraining from eating sugar is difficult for many people. But when you discover what happens to your body when you stop eating sugar, you will think twice before eating that slice of cake.

The human body needs sugar for energy, but only natural sugars benefit the body. Refined sugar, which is found in processed foods, desserts and soft drinks, contains many chemicals that can harm the body. While it is difficult to completely eliminate sugar from your diet, it is beneficial to moderate your intake and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Refined white sugar has no nutritional benefits. It assimilates quickly and passes into the bloodstream in the form of glucose, which is why you feel instantly invigorated after consumption, yet after the "sugar rush" ends, you begin to slow down. This is why you start to crave more sweets even after you've eaten two brownies. If you reduce the intake of sweets and processed food for a day or two, you will find your cravings for sugar drastically diminished.

You feel energized

Though sugar provides immediate energy, consuming too much causes insulin levels to lag in the bloodstream, resulting in fatigue (hypoglycemic shock). Removing refined sugar from your diet will increase your energy and make you less susceptible to fluctuations in your mood.

Your liver's health improves

Fructose and excess glucose have toxic effects on the liver, similar to the effects of excessive alcohol consumption. After a weekend of splurging on sugary foods, you might feel you've had a "kick to the liver." Experts recommend quitting sugar every once in a while to detox and clean your liver.

Your skin looks radiant

Because excess sugar interferes with elastin and collagen production, eliminating sugar will make your skin look amazing. Therefore, if you want to look radiant and have young-looking skin, skip the donuts and grab an apple instead.

Your digestive system improves

When you eliminate sugar from your diet, you initially help your digestive system's performance. Also, you are cutting down on simple carbohydrates, so you will be able to maintain your weight and lead a healthier life.

Your mouth gets healthier

Everyone knows sugar is bad for your teeth, but you cant whip out a toothbrush every time you eat a cookie. Tooth decay forms quickly, and sugar speeds up the process. When you reduce sugar, you are also reducing your risk for dental problems.

Now that you know the amazing health benefits of reducing sugar, try to lower your intake of those empty calories and give your body a chance to benefit from healthy foods. If cutting sugar is a challenge for you, you can still do yourself a favor by removing sugary temptations from the pantry or fridge in your home.
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