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The Twilight Zone is in newly repackaged DVD sets this week
Fourteen episodes gleaned from the first five years of "The Carol Burnett Show" are now available in the DVD set titled "Classic Carol." - photo by Chris Hicks
The classic TV series The Twilight Zone has been repackaged in several new DVD sets released this week.

The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series (CBS/Paramount, 1959-64, b/w, 25 discs, 156 episodes). Rod Serlings classic five-season sci-fi/thriller anthology series, famous for ending each episode with a startling twist, has been repackaged in several new box sets. This is the Complete Series set, with shelf-friendly packaging and no frills. Copious bonus features can be found in the Definitive Editions and Blu-rays, and a Limited Edition box set includes the 1980s remake series. If a smaller collection of classic episodes is enough, try Classic TV Beginnings, Essential Episodes, Classic Christmas Episodes or Fan Favorites.

Mike & Molly: The Sixth and Final Season (Warner, 2015-16, two discs, 13 episodes, bloopers). This abbreviated season of the sitcom starring Melissa McCarthy and Billy Gardell as a blue-collar couple brings the show to a close and its actually surprising it lasted this long, given that McCarthys movie-star status ramped up during the second season. The final episode has the cast gathering at the hospital for the birth of Mike and Mollys adopted child.

The Carol Burnett Show: Classic Carol (Time Life, 1968-72, six discs, 14 episodes, featurettes, two episodes of The Garry Moore Show). More of Burnetts earliest episodes of her variety show, with guests Debbie Reynolds, Lana Turner, Lucille Ball, Cass Elliot, Ricardo Montalban, Diahann Carroll, George Carlin and, of course, Tim Conway, among others.

Adventure Time: The Complete Sixth Season (Cartoon Network/Warner, 2014-15, two-disc Blu-ray/three-disc DVD, 43 episodes, featurettes). Finn and his adopted brother Jake, a shape-shifting dog, confront the Ice King and meet up with Princess Bubblegum and Marceline the Vampire Queen. Cartoon Network animated show is aimed at teens and young adults. (Season 7 is now airing.)

American Horror Story: Hotel (Fox, 2015-16, three discs, 12 episodes, featurettes). The series fifth season follows a Los Angeles homicide detective (Wes Bentley) as he investigates the Hotel Cortez, where bizarre incidents reveal ghostly goings-on, some connected to the shows first and third seasons. Lady Gaga plays a 111-year-old vampire, and Kathy Bates, Sarah Paulson, Angela Bassett, Chlo Sevigny, Mare Winningham and Matt Bomer, among others, return. (Season 6 is now airing on FX.)

Feed the Beast: Season One (Lionsgate, 2016, three discs, 10 episodes, deleted scenes, audio commentaries, featurettes, bloopers). Childhood pals Tommy (David Schwimmer), now an alcoholic widowed father, and Dion (Jim Sturgess), an ex-con trying to go straight, work toward opening a Greek restaurant in their Bronx hometown in this single-season AMC crime series.

(Impractical) Jokers: The Complete Fourth Season (Tru/Warner, 2015, three discs, 26 episodes, deleted scenes, promos, bloopers). Murr, Joe, Q and Sal perform more pranks on innocent victims while filming the results in this comedy-reality program. Murr uncomfortably interviews Danica McKellar (The Wonder Years), a childhood crush, and Q and Sal take hard slap shots from professional hockey players. (Season 6 will begin in early 2017 on TruTV.)

SuperMansion: Season 1 (Sony, 2015, two discs, 13 episodes). Stop-motion animated parody of the Avengers and other superheroes in the crude, raunchy style of modern comedies, with a voice cast led by Bryan Cranston (who is also a producer), along with Keegan-Michael Key, Seth Green, Chris Pine, Ron Perlman, etc. This DVD is uncensored, meaning the language that was bleeped originally is now free-flowing R-rated stuff. (Season 2 will begin in early 2017 on Crackle.)
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