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The most effective way to dress according to your body type
Identify your body type and learn how to highlight your individual beauty with this guide - photo by Zaida Libertini
Do you want to feel beautiful, but dont know how to dress to flatter your body type? The first step is setting your sights on a style you feel most comfortable wearing. After you find your style, there are certain guidelines to help you create balance and enhance your most beautiful features according to your body type.

Women come in a beautiful range of shapes and sizes. Use this guide to determine your body type, identify your best features and learn how to accentuate them in the best possible way.


The apple-shaped body has more definition on top. Usually your shoulders and mid-body are wider than your hips and legs. If you identify with this type of body, avoid wearing tight pants with bulky blouses. Opt for bell-bottom jeans and shirts that are slimming. The best dresses for apple shapes are loose from the waist down, as they create balance in your hips.


Rectangular bodies have subtle characteristics. The waist is not defined and the shoulders and hips share similar measurements. If you are a rectangle, use belts to draw attention to your waist. Avoid tight or straight-fitting clothing, as they will make your body look square. Wear skinny jeans and combine them with ruffle tops that accent your bust. For dressing up, wear skirts or figure dresses to enhance your feminine curves.


Pear-shaped or triangle bodies have more volume at the bottom and less at the top. You are a pear if your hips and legs are wide, but your bust is small and your shoulders are narrow. If you have this body type, you'll want to bring attention to your upper torso. Choose tops that add volume to your bust and show off your shoulders. Choose pants with a straight cuff, and if you combine them with high heels, they'll elongate your legs.


Hourglass body types have a defined waist. If you are an hourglass your hips and bust are voluptuous and your waist is the thinnest part of your body. You should avoid wearing clothes that are square or large, as they can make you look heavy. Use accessories that bring attention to your waist and enhance your figure with clothing that highlights your silhouette. V-neck tops are your allies, but be careful not to wear tops with prominent necklines.

Always be authentic when you're dressing. Regardless of your body type, be sure to wear clothes you feel comfortable and beautiful in. While dressing according to your shape can help you show off your best features, dont be afraid to break the rules if you feel good in an outfit. The best way to feel beautiful, is by being yourself.
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