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'The Huntsman: Winter's War': points for parents
Jessica Chastin as the warrior Sara in the story that came before Snow White: "The Huntsman: Winter's War." - photo by Shawn O'Neill
Points for parents

  • Violence: A man is frozen and shatters. Children are kidnapped from their homes. Many fight scenes with hand-to-hand combat are included. Weapons are used, including staffs and swords. Some people are injured by arrows. A man is thrown into a raging river. A woman facing the screen is stabbed in the back. A man has his hand cut off. A goblin has his neck snapped. A fiery arrow hits goblins and they burn.
  • Gore: A smoking cradle hints at the death of a child. Blood pours out from under a chess piece. Scenes of battlefields show bodies and some weapons coated in black blood. Some blood oozes from wounds.
  • Nudity/sensuality: A couple is in a hot spring naked, and a portion of the womans breasts can be seen. In another scene, the same couple is undressing each other at their campsite. As they lie down, a breast is partially revealed.
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