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The Clean Cut: Gentri member Casey Elliott's Mother's Day surprise
Gentri member Casey Elliott receives a hug from his mother, Kathy, on Mother's Day. - photo by Jenna Alton
At Gentri concerts last Christmas, Casey Elliott told the story of his mothers Casper the Friendly Ghost guitar, which she gave to a family in need for Christmas when she was 4 years old.

According to a new Gentri video, Elliots mother, Kathy, had received the guitar as birthday present the month before Christmas. Kathy wanted the guitar more than anything else, but was quick to give it away when she learned about a family who couldnt afford Christmas that year.

When were kind, when we sacrifice, these things have a way of making their way back to us and being even sweeter than they were when we gave them up, Casey Elliott said in the video.

Fifty-five years later, Casey Elliott searched for months before finding the guitar for his mother and purchasing it on eBay. Watch his mothers reaction when he gives her the guitar as a Mothers Day present.
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